Don't Be Vulnerable to Spoilers

Visit a movie theater in Bangor, ME to stay up to date

It's hard to avoid spoilers. No matter how many times you tell people you want to see it for yourself, sometimes somebody lets a detail slip. You can stay ahead of the spoilers by frequenting a movie theater in Bangor, ME. Movie Rocket features the latest movies with multiple showings per day.

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Movie Theater now open 7 days a week
Sun - Thursday 10:45a to 8p
Friday & Saturday 1045a - 10p

Call for show times - 207-945-1200

Ticket Prices

No outside food or drinks permitted in the building. The use of cellphones is prohibited within the cinema, but welcomed throughout the activity and entertainment areas. No oversized bags or weapons.

Movie Matinee

Before 6PM


Children 12 & Under

After 6PM


Adults ages 13 to 54

After 6PM


Seniors age 55 and older

After 6PM



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